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Vivitek Interactive Display

  • ​Simple & Easy to use

  • 75 inch, 86 inch

  • 4K UHD Resolution (3840 X 2160)

  • Anti-Glare Tempered Glass Screen

  • Built-in Wireless Mirroring for Windows, MacOS, iPad, iPhone, Chromebooks, Android

  • 50,000 Hours Panel Life

  • Flat Wall Mount Kit Included

  • Up to 20 Points Multi-Touch on Windows, Multi-Gestures on MacOS

  • Built-in Digital Whiteboard (Educational Grid, Background)

  • 5 Year Advanced Replacement Warranty (Two Way Shipping)

5 Years Warranty! Only from EHP Solutions!

The Vivitek warranty is the best warranty in the industry!  If your screen breaks down for some reason, they will ship you one in advance, and you can then return the malfunctioning one in the new box. Vivitek pays shipping both ways. 

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