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Kids in Technology Class


E: Education  
H: Helps
P: People

The greatest equalizer in society is high-quality education. We believe in the power of education and its ability to positively transform the trajectory of every student’s life. Education Helps People.

In 2022, EHP Solutions was identified by INC. magazine for "winning in a time of change and wowing America with ingenuity and resilience," awarding 1161st place out of 5000 America's Fastest-Growing Private Companies. For over 13 years, EHP Solutions has successfully serviced school districts throughout Southern California. Our company prides itself as a small tech company that personalizes relationships. Every contract is not a business transaction, but rather a life-long partnership mutually committed to serving our learning communities with excellence.


We understand that the closest individuals to students are the drivers to success. When teachers feel empowered and supported, the sky’s the limit. EHP Solutions believes in providing high-quality professional development that is differentiated to each school's need. We work closely with the administrative team and collaboratively plan how we will build the capacity of our education leaders.

Our goal is to serve educators to effectively implement technological resources and ultimately create the most optimal conditions for student engagement.

We don't just talk about it. We Do it.

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