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Education Helps People!

We strongly believe a true education can transform the life of an individual, the families, and the society to have a better and a stronger
future. Our goal is to serve the educators to have the most efficient and effective way of teaching by both providing the right products
and the unlimited training services.



Our History

Our company was founded in 2010 as an Authorized Reseller of Panasonic and Mimio. Our first customers were mostly Private Schools
and our main products were couple different types of Interactive Whiteboard Systems. As our company grew, we broadened our product
lines to offer more choices and meet with different school’s needs. Now, we are Authorized Reseller of many different manufacture
companies and throughout the past years, we have served numerous Private Schools, Charter Schools, and Public School Districts reside
in Southern California. We not only sell the latest technologies with great pricing to schools but also offer convenient and efficient After
Services and Training Programs.



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